texts author and reader

Jean de Breyne


scenography (light and images)

Martina Kramer


singing, musical and theatrical theatralisation

Maria João Serrão


movement and tap dancing

Cristina Delius


piano, composition

António Neves da Silva


contrabass, composition

Hugo Antunes


percussion, composition

Beatriz Serrão


video-graphic realisation

Michael Snurawa


production: Ville d'Apt


creation : 2009


2004: Salle Benoît XII, Avignon

A collective work with, as its starting point, a book of poems Vous by Jean de Breyne (Propos2éditions).


The interpretation of poems develops in the form of dance, song and music in a dialogue with the poet’s readings. The exchange between the spoken word and musical, sound and visual interludes makes up a suite for the stage beyond genres in which the poem takes form in its new space of resonance.


Born from a meeting between French and Portuguese artists, the text is read in both languages which become the main thread running through both written and improvised performances.


© Martina Kramer, 2014

photographs: Jean de Breyne, Jacques Huissoud, Martina Kramer, Fedor Vučemilović (for Galerija Karas), Boris Cvjetanović (for Galerija Klovićevi dvori); site realisation: Darko Kramer