From a secret depth arise fleeting traces of clarity.  Flashes sketch figures which are both abstract and human.

Two dancers form a fluid design which reveals lines, signs or fragments of the body, between fundamental division and the desire for fusion in a movement of transformation.

As much danced painting as painted dance, the space opens up to an intimate light which invites the eye to see and to re-invent its own points of reference.

Yvon Bayer, a choreographer and dancer, and Martina Kramer, a painter, each work in their own field on forms which explore the forgotten part of sight. The link between sight and the body, our primary relation to the world, is often at the heart of their personal research.

Their experience and way of seeing intersect, creating together a visual universe in which choreographic invention coincides with that of light.


Yvon Bayer et Martina Kramer



Léa Ginoux et Audrey Dancoisne



David Hanse



Compagnie Subito Presto


Creation : 2004



2004 : Salle Benoît XII, Avignon

2005 : Théâtre des Halles, Avignon

            CLAEP, Rasteau

2006 : Théâtre Dunois, Paris.

echapés du regard

© Martina Kramer, 2014

photographs: Jean de Breyne, Jacques Huissoud, Martina Kramer, Fedor Vučemilović (for Galerija Karas), Boris Cvjetanović (for Galerija Klovićevi dvori); site realisation: Darko Kramer